Vitrified Diamond Wheels for HVOF Grinding in Aerospace

An article by our very own Lou Padmos was recently featured in Canadian Metalworking Magazine’s November 2019 edition. In his article, Lou discusses grinding HVOF materials for the aerospace industry with both the traditional resin bond diamond wheels and new vitrified diamond wheels. Through a series of tests, S.L. Munson was able to show that vitrified diamond wheels out-perform traditional resin bond wheels in a variety of factors. As a result of Lou’s work, SAE International approved the new AMS2449A standard, allowing manufacturers to use both resin bond and vitrified diamond grinding wheels. Read the article or full issue of Canadian Metalworking below!

Know Your Wheel by Lou Padmos – Canadian Metalworking (Article Only)

Canadian Metalworking Magazine – November 2019 (Full Issue)

Lou Padmos is a sales and application engineer and OEM relationship manager for S.L. Munson & Company.