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SL Munson was established in 1992 by Lyman Munson, who envisioned a “different” approach to abrasive product sales. His years of experience at a Fortune 500 helped prove the concept that customers would appreciate and highly value a problem-solving orientation—providing solutions rather than just products. That problem-solving approach helped propel SLM forward, creating a loyal group of customers across many industries.

Today SL Munson engineers, designs and manufactures custom diamond-fused and CBN grinding tools as well as a full line of conventional abrasives. SLM became the exclusive North American marketing partner for Dr. Kaiser and Krebs & Riedel products and in 2004, acquired Molecular Bond Superabrasives followed by IGA Abrasives.


To exceed customer expectations by delivering innovative abrasive and diamond dressing solutions via problem-solving expertise, precision tooling and superior products that optimize grinding processes.


We will build on our 30-plus year history of customer engagement and innovative problem-solving. As advanced technology brings new materials, composites and opportunities, we remain agile, customer-focused and committed to quality and value. Powered by our global marketing partnerships, application-based expertise and in-house manufacturing, we will excel at precision abrasive solutions and be known as the most reliable, honest, innovative, and technically advanced provider of high performance abrasives.



Lyman Munson



Andy Fox

Sales & Marketing Director


Bryan Decker

Product Manager


Carl Dewitt

Product Manager - Grinding Wheels


Joe Smith

Manufacturing Manager


Tina Edwards

General Manager of IGA Abrasives



SL Munson is known by its strong working relationships with trusted marketing partners who are world-class technology leaders.

Dr. Kaiser

The recognized world leader in diamond grinding solutions.

Krebs & Riedel

A reliable source of diamond and CBN grinding tools.

Molecular Bond Superabrasives

Engineers & manufactures custom-design diamond & CBN tools.

IGA Abrasives

Delivers ID grinding wheels in ALO, SiC, Ceramic & CBN abrasives.

General Broach Co.

The leader in design, manufacturing and broaching services.

Process Research

Provides expert custom formulations for lapping, grinding and slicing.