SL Munson delivers precision machining solutions--abrasives, dressing and grinding tools--that optimize production.

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SL Munson offers best-in-class supplier of application-based abrasives and diamond dressing solutions by utilizing the latest technology products supported by state-of-the-art analytical techniques. Our customers manufacture, machine and finish precision tolerance parts and components for a wide variety of critical product applications. Backed by a team of seasoned engineers and technicians, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Diamond Dressing Products

CNC Dressing Discs

Dress conventional and vitrified Superabrasive grinding wheels on CNC grinding machines for either straight or form dressing.

Plunge Dressing

Rolls contain the entire workpiece geometry and transfer this geometry to the grinding wheel by a single in-feed motion.

Dressing CBN Wheels RIG

RIG tools are plated diamond tools with a single layer of diamond attached by a nickel bond to a steel body.

Dressing CBN Wheels RI

RI tools have a thick layer impregnated with diamond grit for longer life. RI tools can be shaped during manufacture with precise profiles.

Gear Grinding

Rotary Diamond dressing tools are used to profile gear grinding wheels. Module range is 0.35mm to 10mm (72 to 2.54 DP). Newer gear dressers use PCD reinforced dresser tip on a direct-plated diamond dresser.

MCD Dressing

MCD Dressers are stationary tools with monocrystalline diamond for dressing complex profiles and radii on grinding wheels. They offer long life, stability, and repeatability, especially when dressing ceramic abrasive wheels.

PCD Workrest Blades

Dr. Kaiser offers custom made Workrest Blades for all major brands of Centerless Grinders. These blades improve geometrical and dimensional accuracies and surface finish. Blades are available with Eddy-Current Sensors for in-process inspection of ground workpiece surfaces on thru- feed grinding.


MB Superabrasives

This SLM company offers custom engineered, single-layer brazed tools for cutting, grinding and shaping advanced composites, friction materials, fiberglass, steel, cast iron, ceramics & carbon fibers.

Dr. Kaiser

Dr. Kaiser manufactures a wide range of plated grinding products in a durable nickel matrix. Proprietary technology allows the concentration of CBN or diamond to be modified precisely prior to the plating process.

Krebs & Riedel

Krebs & Riedel makes vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Diamond for carbides, oxide ceramics, fiberglass and hard-facing alloys CBN for hardened & tool steels, nickel-based alloys and chilled cast iron.

Conventional Grinding

IGA Abrasives

IGA offers engineered grinding, honing and dressing products. Excels in small diameter ID grinding wheels in AlO, SiC, ceramic & CBN abrasives. Also manufactures a wide range of superfinishing stones (hones) in grain sizes up to 1000 grit and a line of dressing sticks.

Krebs & Riedel

Krebs & Riedel is a leading manufacturer of conventional grinding wheels and segments in vitrified and resin bonded, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasives up to 36″. Grinding options: Cylindrical, centerless, surface, tool, roll, and gear grinding.

Technical Support

Help Desk

If you’re involved in the world of metalworking, grinding and abrasives, we’re here to help with guidance and advice. Simply give us a call at 803-252-3211 or email us at

Application Support

We know that every application has a “unique” factor as well as commonalities with other precision grinding challenges. We live and breathe metalworking and can offer a wide range of tools to help you meet your current application challenge. Call us at 803-252-3211.